A Brief Sojourn Near the Lake

It’s a pleasant exile, though ephemeral.

With only a step into the warm blankets of sand and a whiff of fresh air,

One can easily affirm the elegance of the Lake.

Accompanied by the benign chirping of fowl

With an endless sublime view of blue.

Bring on the sunniest days of unremitting rays

For the breeze of the Lake is sheer.

But when Day is chased away by her grim brother the Night,

Gather the timbers and give a good light.

Bask in the fiery embers and gaze at the sun’s last farewell

As the imminence of Night comes near.

But the Lake is steadfast, and scintillating

even under Night and his luminous moon.

A sight you could enjoy for years and years.

Alas, it’s only for awhile.









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